Selected Credits

Same Difference (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

As Tonya Keating grapples with the innate knowledge that her death is imminent, she is compelled to let go of the past and reconcile with her estranged twin sister.

Director: Derege Harding
Writer: Derege Harding

Kara Solar is a project of Fundación Kara Solar, an intercultural, Ecuadorian non-profit organization founded in 2018.


We are flawed individuals living in a flawed society governed by a flawed justice system. When these facts are compounded, it often can lead to circumstances that are difficult to overcome. FLAWED is the story about a man living a cushy life who sets off a chain reaction by making an irresponsible mistake that ultimately has dire consequences.

Writer :  C. Alec Rossel and Derege Harding
Director: Derege Harding

Barry Miller

It’s funny how much your life can change in one day… it’s really pretty amazing.

Director: C. Alec Rossel
Writer: C. Alec Rossel

First Date, Last Date

First Date, Last Date is a drama about finding your soul mate at the worst possible time – the end of the world.

Director: Derege Harding
Writer: E.V. Anderson

It’s As Easy As Riding a Bike

“Ignorance Is Bliss” – A lesson two couples amusingly learn the hard

Writer / Director: Derege Harding

The Roamer

A Kafka-esque story about a young man traveling through a sacred land where even the simplest things can have severe consequences. Poetic camera style and symbolist imagery mark his endless pleasure-seeking journey; on which he meets the Past, Future, and Fate. Will he dare to ask the right question when the time comes?

Director: Henrich Varga
Screenplay: Henrich Varga and Zora Stassova


Documentary depicting an International Art Symposium taking place in Nitra, Slovakia. Follows a group of painters from different countries interacting and working towards a final exhibition;as well as the organizers explaining the aim and subject matter of the Symposium. During the course of 10 days special bonds and friendships are created.

Directed by: Zora Staššová